The Conference for Video Engineers

October 17th and 18th, 2018
Bespoke, San Francisco, CA

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Why? Attend Demuxed

  • No paid content, ever.

    Speakers are selected based on their submission, not how much money their company paid; we will never, ever sell a speaking slot. Attendee information isn't for sale either, and that includes any sponsors.

  • Affordable.

    We want anyone in the industry to be able to come, which means keeping tickets reasonably priced (thanks largely to our generous sponsors). We also offer free and discounted tickets to students and open source contributors, so please reach out if you're interested.

  • For everyone in the community.

    Our community is dedicated to providing an inclusive, enjoyable experience for everyone in the video industry. In this pursuit, and in keeping with our love for reasonable standards, we adopted the Ada Initiative's Conf Code of Conduct.

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31 Amazing speakers

  • Alex Giladi


    Virtues of Recycling in Multi-rate Encoding

    Talk Overview
  • Aman Gupta

    Fancy Bits LLC

    An FFmpeg maintainer's deep dive: iOS VideoToolbox and Android MediaCodec integration

    Talk Overview
  • Avinash Ramachandran


    How to build a high quality 'live' HD VP9 Encoder

    Talk Overview
  • Ben Dodson


    What to do after per-title encoding (joint talk)

    Talk Overview
  • Billy Romero

    Lessons learned from streaming the World Cup live in UHD with HDR (joint talk)

    Talk Overview
  • Charles Sonigo


    How to be data-driven when you aren’t Netflix (or even if you are)

    Talk Overview
  • Christian Feldmann


    VVC - the Next-Next Gen Codec

    Talk Overview
  • David Hassoun


    Multi-CDN Jumpstart

    Talk Overview
  • Fabio Sonnati

    Progetto Sinergia

    "Time Machine" - how to reconstruct perceptually, during playback, part of the detail lost in encoding

    Talk Overview
  • James Yeh


    Narrowing the Native Gap

    Talk Overview
  • John Bartos

    JW Player

    LHLS(.js): Why Hls.js is standardizing low-latency streaming

    Talk Overview
  • Jean-Baptiste Kempf


    Introducing dav1d, a new AV1 decoder (joint talk)

    Talk Overview
  • Jon Dahl


    Video, evolution, and gravity: how science affects digital video

    Talk Overview
  • Lahiru Dayananda


    Parsing CEA-608 Captions from FMP4s

    Talk Overview
  • Luke Curley


    Weaver: Inserting Ads in a Live Stream

    Talk Overview
  • Matt Fisher


    Identifying Root Cause via Playback Metrics

    Talk Overview
  • Megha Manohara


    An engineer's perspective on EDLs

    Talk Overview
  • Michael Roca


    Simulating livestreams for testing

    Talk Overview
  • Michelle Munson


    A Decentralized Fabric for Video over the Internet

    Talk Overview
  • Nick Chadwick


    What to do after per-title encoding (joint talk)

    Talk Overview
  • Ronald Bultje


    Introducing dav1d, a new AV1 decoder (joint talk)

    Talk Overview
  • Sebastiaan Van Leuven


    Subjective video quality assessment for mobile devices

    Talk Overview
  • Seth Madison


    Synchronize your Watches: Cross-platform stream synchronization of HLS and DASH

    Talk Overview
  • Steven Robertson


    Machine Learning for ABR in production

    Talk Overview
  • Thasso Griebel


    Digital Rights Management: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    Talk Overview
  • Thomas Symborski

    Lessons learned from streaming the World Cup live in UHD with HDR (joint talk)

    Talk Overview
  • Vasavee Vijayaraghavan


    Towards Measuring Perceptual Video Quality & Why

    Talk Overview
  • Will Law


    CHUNKY MONKEY - using chunked-encoded chunked-transferred CMAF to bring low latency live to very large scale audiences

    Talk Overview
  • Ying Cheng


    Magic Mirror: Understanding the Diversified Network Conditions of Twitch Community

    Talk Overview

Demuxed Schedule

Our Schedule

We take our talk selection and schedule-building process very seriously. This year we received over 100 talk submissions, and 27 individuals from across the online video industry reviewed those (anonymized) submissions for a total of nearly 1300 reviews. A smaller group from that committee then took those aggregated reviews and helped pick the very best schedule possible, optimizing for talks that are relevant, interesting, and diverse.

Keep in mind, the individual session times and their order are subject to change, so make sure to check back here for any updates.

Lightning indicates a 10 minute talk.

After party!

This year's after party kicks off at 6pm Thursday in Covo, which is less than a block away from the conference venue. Space is limited, so as much as we'd love for friends and colleagues to join us, please have your ticket or badge with you.

Venue & location

Bespoke, SF

Busting at the seams in venues is a great problem to have, but this year we wanted to make sure we had plenty of room to breathe. In addition to being right in the heart of downtown next to BART and Muni, Bespoke is large, configurable and high-tech, with a production room and multiple, dedicated internet connections (shout out to all the people that tried to watch the live stream last year).

Bespoke is located inside Westfield San Francisco Centre on Level 4 next to Bloomingdale’s Westfield San Francisco Centre
Demuxed conference

About Demuxed

Demuxed is simply engineers talking about video technology. After years of chatting about video at the SF Video Technology Meetup, we decided it was time for an engineer-first event with quality technical talks about video. Our focus has traditionally been on content delivered over the web, but topics cover anything from encoding to playback and more!

Yeah but who are you?

Most of the organization and work behind the scenes is done by folks from Mux (Demuxed came first ☝️) but none of this would be possible without amazing people from the meetup.

Every year we get a group together that's kind enough to do things like schedule planning, help brainstorm cool swag, and, most importantly, argue heatedly over which talk submissions should make the final cut.

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